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Traveler's Spotlight - Jake Fishman of the Goldfish Escapades

by Team Zero Grid September 21, 2016

Meet Jake: college student, surfer, lifelong traveler, and founder of the blog The Goldfish Escapades. Below Jake took a few minutes to share some of his thoughts on travel:


ZG: What single travel experience has most impacted who you are as a person?

Jake: My recent trip to the country Vanuatu with my family impacted me the most. We specifically went to collect some raw materials for my family's cosmetic company. I have never been to a place like Vanuatu, where people live in huts near active volcanos and live completely off the grid. It humbled me to experience this lifestyle and how incredibly happy each person was regardless of what they had.

ZG: What is one place you still dream of visiting?

Jake: Iceland! I was supposed to go on a countrywide road trip this summer but instead I ended up going on a last minute surf trip to South America.


Jake Fishman of the Goldfish Escapades

A paddling and surfing trip to Lake Crescent, Washington


ZG: What single travel experience was the most difficult/challenging for you?

Jake: My recent trip to South America for a surf trip was the most challenging for me because not only did I not know one word of Spanish, but the packing process almost prevented us from going. We had to spend over $600 in surfboard fees because the boards were overweight, too thick and wide. Once we reached the border of Chile, we found out there was a massive strike between the truck drivers and the government for higher wages. Thus, the truck drivers blocked the roads, preventing any car or taxi from reaching the border for two miles, making us walk almost two hours to get to the nearest town.


ZG: How much weight do you typically travel with (physically not emotionally)?

Jake: It depends on the type of trip. If it’s a surf trip, my board, two pairs of boardshorts, and one tank top usually is sufficient. But if it’s a camping/excursion trip, I usually come prepared with a much heavier load, making sure I didn't leave without my camera equipment.


Jake Fishman of the Goldfish Escapades

Road tripping in Big Sur, California


ZG: What, if any, travel location do you return to regularly? What draws you back?

Jake: Tofino, Canada is my most visited location in my traveling history. The uncrowded surf, epic hiking, and untouched landscape convinces me to come visit every year and explore the land more.  

ZG: What’s one simple travel hack you’ve learned that you are particularly proud to share?

Jake: Make your car your best friend. If you can convince yourself that your folded down passenger seat is as comfortable as 4-star hotel bedroom, then you will become the happiest and cheapest road tripper around.   


Jake Fishman


Jake Fishman is the author of The Goldfish Escapades, a blog created to aid anyone in desperate need of adventure, travel advice, and travel inspiration. Follow Jake on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.





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