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Travel and Love: 5 Couples Who Have Found Time For Both

by Team Zero Grid February 13, 2017

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we have asked five of our favorite travel couples about how they got started traveling together. They love telling their stories, and we love reading about them! If you want to travel with that special someone, follow in these wonderful couples' footsteps.


Katie and Ben of Two Wandering Soles

"While studying abroad in Italy during university, we took a weekend trip together to Salzburg, Austria. Most of our weekend trips were spent with groups of friends, but this getaway was just the two of us.

We arrived in Salzburg during the Christmas market season. All the buildings were decorated with lights and it seemed like there was a Christmas tree on every block. It was one of those weekends where everything just fell into place, almost like magic. We hiked to the medieval castle that towers over the town, sipped gluwien while picking out Christmas presents from vendors’ wooden, carts and ate ‘til we were about to burst at the local beer house.

After dinner on our last night, we wandered through the back alleys of town, hand-in-hand with a bottle of wine as the snow fell and landed on our shoulders. Studying abroad in Italy was both of our first times being overseas, and it was there that the travel bug bit us badly. But it was in those cobblestone alley ways of Salzburg that we both knew we'd found our forever travel partner."

- Ben and Katie Zweber, Two Wandering Soles


Karolina and Patryk of

"We knew we want to travel the world together from the very beginning. The only thing that stopped us was money. After our online business succeeded, we started living our life as digital nomads.

Sometimes we take what we have for granted. The moments when we realise how lucky we are to be traveling with one another, is when we are sick. We can't imagine being in a foreign country with a high fever without someone who is there for you and supports you.
The worst illness that we had was during our honeymoon to Dominican Republic. We both had terrible food poison... It was disgusting and tiresome but it wasn't that bad because we were in this together.

Does it make sense? It's weird that we appreciate what we have when we are about to lose it. These moments make us realise how lucky we are to travel the world together."

- Karolina and Patryk Klesta,


Steven & Jenna of The Well Travelled Man

"We are highschool sweethearts! We have grown up together and started to explore the world together. The more we travelled, the more we realised that we are fantastic travel companions. We like similar things, have a similar way of doing things and like to explore new and exciting things together.

Being able to do this together is the best! We have memories to last a lifetime and travel stories to pass down to generation to generation.

We plan to continue to travel and one day share our love for travel with our children."

- Steven & Jenna Du Preez, The Well Travelled Man


Mark and Bec of Wyld Family Travel

"We were in Schloss Nymphenburg in Munich when we developed our love for palaces and castles together. Ever since then we have explored castles/palaces as a couple and now as a family."

- Mark & Bec Wyld, Wyld Family Travel


Hannah and Taran of Nomad'er How Far

"We found each other, came together as a couple, and then we found we both had the same issue; we were both restless and uninspired with our current lifestyle. We had a good feeling travel would change this, or in the very least, give us some good stories to tell. The timing was right, our enthusiasm was strong and it felt so motivating to change our spending habits and become minimalists in the lead-up to our trip.

Now, 2 years later we are sat writing this in our car on the west coast of Australia having spent 3 weeks travelling from one side to the other. We know leaving home was the right thing to do, because as cliched as it may sound, it has helped us grow together, and as individuals.

It has been an eye-opening experience, and wherever the road takes us now, whatever lays ahead, we have known real adventure and seen real beauty."

- Taran Ramshaw & Hannah Galpin, Nomad'er How Far

Team Zero Grid
Team Zero Grid


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