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3 Must Haves For This Spring Break (Giveaway)

by Team Zero Grid March 17, 2017 1 Comment

Jake Fishman of The Goldfish Escapades has teamed up with us to showcase some of our best products, just in time for spring break. For a chance to win these products and even more, enter our Giveaway at the bottom of the page.


Three must haves for this Spring Break:

Put down your coats, turn your clocks ahead, and get ready for the best season of the year. The smell of spring is in the air - It’s the time to get your tan on, body back in shape, and your surf skills up before the summer time hits.

We at Team Zero Grid understand this struggle, and have provided the equipment necessary to help make your spring break easy, efficient, and even more epic than last year:


Microfiber Travel Towel Set

Jake and Microfiber Towel on the beach 

Pack light and stay dry with the microfiber towel set, a must for any beach trip, which we all know you will be making. Small enough to fit inside a small backpack, but possessing the same capabilities of a normal towel, the Microfiber technology keeps the towel lightweight and effective for absorbing water. Twist the towel after any beach session and watch in awe as the water drips out, allowing a fast drying time.


Jake and Microfiber Towel On The Beach


Unlike a conventional towel, sand is no match even when wet – a few shakes and it will be spotless! Take it to the gym, beach, or to your next hostel, as this versatile towel is compatible and perfect for any minimalist traveler!



Compression Packing Cubes Set

 Packing Cubes Overlooking The Waves


You’ve planned the most epic spring break trip with your best friends, but nothing happened if it wasn’t documented right? The compression packing cube set is your answer for smart and easy packing. Make sure nothing is left behind, as this three varying-sized cube set allows easy access to the things you need the most.

 Packing Cube Set

Compression Packing Cube Packing Tip: For smart packing, separate your charging and USB wires into the small packing cube, your extra batteries in another, and finally your cameras, gopros, and ipad into the large one. This allows you to know exactly where everything is without taking apart your whole backpack.

Packing Cubes Set



Travel Toiletry Bag

Toiletry Bag On The Rocks

“Make sure nothing gets left behind.” We especially know the horror of leaving an essential toiletry item, as no one wants a burnt back or stinky mouth from a lack of sunscreen and toothpaste. Designed for travelers, this small but internally vast bag is strong and most importantly waterproof, which allows easy cleaning for those "Uh-oh" moments.

Toiletry Bag On The Rocks

The less time you stress about packing and traveling, the more time you will have to enjoy yourself on spring break. With the best few months of the year approaching, every person's travel bug comes alive - These three items were specifically chosen to help you unleash your inner travel bug by alleviating the stresses that coincide with travel.


The Goldfish Escapades Zero Grid Gear Giveaway (US Only)



Team Zero Grid
Team Zero Grid


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March 19, 2017


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