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About Us

About Zero Grid

Zero Grid is a travel accessories company that makes it easier for travelers like you to pack less.

We give you what you need to leave most of your stuff at home and focus on the road ahead.

Minimalist packing will maximize your enjoyment of your next trip.

Wouldn’t your tour through Europe be better without lugging 70 pounds of rolling luggage across the continent?

Is an adventure to the great temples of Chennai even thinkable with a ton of bags?

The big luggage companies want you to pack more so that you’ll need to buy more bags. The airlines want you to pack more so that they can charge more fees to you. The hotel companies want you to pack more because they can sell you on an upgraded suite.

At Zero Grid, we want you to pack less so you can travel more. Our mission is to help millions of travelers to go farther on less and less – more and more often.

Less can mean so much more!

What We Believe

  • Technology should elevate our capabilities rather than lowering us with irrelevant and distracting features.
  • Travel makes us better people by exposing us to more cultures, places, and situations.
  • Every product we make must be durable and high quality enough to back up a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.
  • Memorable experiences are more important than material possessions.
  • Over-packing ruins more trips than anything else.
  • More people would enjoy travel if they embraced minimalism.
  • Typical design for most travel products encourages people who use them to pack as much as possible.
  • Better design can help millions of people to enjoy travel more and be more adventurous about where they choose to go.


Why Choose Zero Grid?

Unlike other travel accessories companies, Zero Grid has an uncompromising dedication to product quality.

Every item in our product catalog goes through extensive product testing and research. If it doesn’t meet our high standards, we don’t sell it.

Other accessories manufacturers offer 30 day money back guarantees, 60 day guarantees, 365 day guarantees, or no guarantees. If something snaps or tears one day after the guarantee ends, you’re on your own.

At Zero Grid, we promise that you’ll be happy with any product you buy from us for the rest of your life. Everything we sell meets that ‘buy it for life’ standard.

Our products also come with embedded security features like RFID blocking, durable zippers, carabiners, and tear-proof fabric.


About the Zero Grid Team

Zero Grid is a travel accessories design company who equips modern adventurers with what they need pack light and make the most out of their trips.

We’re a team of world travelers. We spend most of our time in different countries around the world. That means that we need to rely on our own products in our daily life. Many of our best ideas for products have come from the frustrations and difficulties that we’ve encountered on our own trips.

Do you have an idea for a product, a comment, or a question for us? Send us an e-mail using the contact form and we’ll get right back to you.