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Travel Neck Wallet

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  • Virtually InvisibleVIRTUALLY INVISIBLE
  • Secure StorageSECURE STORAGE
  • Moisture WickingMOISTURE WICKING

  • Three zippered pockets to keep you organized on the go
  • Quick access to your smartphone, tickets, keys, cash, cards, & IDs
  • Adjustable elastic neck strap for comfortable wear
  • Bulge-free design for minimalist travel
  • Style & utility combined in one accessory
  • Ultra-lightweight and slim
  • Hidden wallet that keeps pickpockets guessing when you wear it under a shirt or jacket
  • RFID blocking security to protect you from wireless pickpocketing and identity theft
  • Water-resistant and durable nylon fabric that resists tears and discoloration
  • 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee so that you can buy with confidence

Do you love to travel – but hate looking like a tourist?

At Zero Grid, we feel the same way that you do.

We designed our Travel Neck Wallet to hold everything that you need and nothing else so you can enjoy your next travel adventure.

Lanyards and neck pouches look awful and are usually flimsy.

The TechSafe™ Neck Wallet looks sleek, has three zippered pockets, and keeps you secure from electronic pickpocketing.

Better yet, you can use it as a hidden ‘undercover’ wallet that you keep under any shirt. Our Neck Wallet can remain virtually invisible while still being convenient to grab when you need to show your ID, grab your phone, or buy something.

It’s made from water-resistant ripstop Nylon with durable YKK zippers. It has a breathable mesh back so that it’s breathable and comfortable.

The adjustable elastic neck strap is soft, which is great for long-term wear.

The Travel Wallet for Minimalists

Clutter is a huge source of stress in modern life.

For travelers, it can be even worse. You spend thousands of dollars on plane tickets, hotel rooms, and restaurants. And then you waste hours trying to figure out what you’re going to bring with you. After that, you wind up not using most of it.

We designed the Zero Grid Neck Wallet to help you to get out of your hotel room (or bed and breakfast) as quickly as possible. All you have to do is put it around your neck, and you’ll have everything you need to enjoy your trip.

Many travel accessories were designed for the pre-smartphone era. Their designers expect you to pack in bulky guidebooks and maps.

That extra paper bulk has been replaced by apps. You only need enough storage space to bring your IDs, cards, cash, and keys.

A Security Wallet You Wear Like a Necklace

While previous generations of travelers only had to worry about pickpockets, you also have to be concerned about identity theft from electronic pickpocketing.

All US passports issued since 2006 can be scanned by RFID. Many credit and debit cards also have RFID chips that can be scanned and charged repeatedly in small transactions.

The Zero Grid Neck Wallet protects you from both types of street crime: the old and the new. You can hide it while you travel when worn under any shirt. Keep the pickpockets guessing.

The TechSafe™ RFID blocking security layer also keeps your identity and credit cards secure from unauthorized charges.

It only blocks the lower radio frequencies used by ID and card scanners.

That means that you can still get calls, texts, and data service through your cell phone while maintaining your security.

Finally, because all the pockets have zippers, you can travel with confidence that you’re not going to lose anything while you sightsee.

Is the Zero Grid Neck Wallet Right for You?

We designed the Zero Grid Neck Wallet for serious travelers.

Most travel accessories are made for tourists.

We wanted to carve out a middle ground between travel accessories made from expensive, fragile materials like leather and the wallets that are cheap, ugly, and poorly designed.

We wanted a neck wallet that we’d be glad to be seen wearing that was also made from durable materials. We wanted something that matched up with our values of minimalist travel.

At Zero Grid, we care more about enjoying great experiences than picking up yet another object to stuff into our luggage. We wanted a neck wallet that worked well, looked good, and stayed hidden so that we could focus on taking in the sights at our latest destination.

It was also important to us that the quality would be high enough to stand up to a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. After years of work on our designs, we started selling them to travelers like you.

The Neck Wallet is perfect for:

    • Frequent travelers who take extended trips
    • Security-conscious shoppers who want to protect valuables from pickpocketing and surveillance
    • Runners and athletes looking for an alternative wallet
    • Urbanites looking to simplify their daily carry with a sleek money belt
    • Hikers looking for a convenient wallet that isn’t constraining and holds up to rain, snow, and wind

The neck wallet is not a good choice if you don’t think that you need three pockets. The Zero Grid money belt has two pockets and a rear storage pouch. It also has a broader profile and can be worn around your waist.

You should consider the passport holder instead if you need more storage and organization space in your travel wallet.

Finally, if the Zero Grid TechSafe™ Neck Wallet doesn’t live up to your expectations, return it to us for 100% of your money back.

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