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Zero Grid

Travel Security Belt & Hidden Money Wallet

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  • Provides discrete anti-theft protection for all travelers
  • Made from high-grade nylon webbing that prevents fraying and tears
  • Hidden zipper money pocket that protects your cash from pickpockets
  • Stores in a compact coil so you can bring it with you even in a personal carry-on bag
  • Easy-to-use hard plastic buckle with a no-holes belt design
  • YKK zipper for top reliability even with long-term use
  • Unisex design to provide a comfortable fit for men, women, teens, and older children
  • Tapered belt end to make it easy to thread through the buckle and to prevent fraying
  • Holds multiple bills, paper ID copies, and spare keys without requiring inconvenient folds
  • 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee so that you can buy with confidence

Do you know anyone who has been pickpocketed while on vacation?

Has it ever happened to you?

If so, you know how quickly theft can ruin your dream vacation.

Protect your money from theft on your next trip with the hidden money wallet on the opposite side of this adjustable travel belt.

Unlike many other money belts with a hidden zipper pouch, this new design is large enough to conceal most bills with just one fold (Euros may require three). You can access the money in the pouch even while you’re wearing. It’s large enough to hold spare keys for your car or hotel room.

This adjustable nylon belt fits waists from sizes 26” to 42”.

Keep the Pickpockets Guessing & Protect Your Cash

Safely hide spare cash where no one will think to look: on the opposite side of your belt.

According to international crime experts quoted in the Wall Street Journal, pickpocketing crime targeting tourists has been on the rise, especially in frequently visited European cities like Barcelona, London, and Paris.

The US State Department regularly releases travel advisories for American tourists about theft risks in popular destinations. Popular events in international cities like the Olympics also often coincide with surges in pickpocket crime.

As airports become more secure, thieves look to vulnerable tourists at major attractions, in trains, and in marketplaces to ply their trade. To stay safe, you don’t want to look like a tourist carrying bulky and easy-to-steal wallets.

This travel security belt will keep your cash hidden from thieves – giving you peace of mind on your next trip.

Fumble-Free Easy Access Money Pouch

Unlike most travel belts with concealed money pouches, this belt has a 33% wider storage pocket. You can access it without removing the belt while you’re shopping: just twist it out, unzip the wallet, and pull the money out.

If you’ve purchased other travel belts before, you may have encountered the frustration of cramming bills with three folds or more into a tiny storage pouch. Many such products also have flimsy zippers that you need to struggle with to close.

The zipper pocket our travel security belt is significantly longer than a typical pouch. The top quality YKK zipper closure is easy to use. The pouch is broad enough for easy access — even for travelers with big hands.

Durable & Stylish For Casual Wear

Let’s face it: most travel belts make people look like tourists.

At Zero Grid, we don’t make travel accessories for tourists: we make gear for people who want to look like they belong wherever they’re traveling.

This travel security belt is discrete and suitable for casual wear with most jeans, khakis, and slacks for both men and women. The no-holes belt design makes it easy to pick up and wear regardless of what your measurements are. You can easily swap this belt around with your family, friends, or travel partners.

There’s more: unlike most casual belts, this travel belt has almost no metal in it. That means that it won’t set off most metal detectors at security checkpoints, saving you time in airports and other areas internationally that don’t require you to remove your belt for scanning.

Try this on: we’re confident you’ll be happy with both the form and function of this discrete and durable belt.

Is the Zero Grid Travel Security Belt Right for You?

The Zero Grid Travel Security Belt was designed with the needs of serious travelers in mind.

This product is perfect for:

  • International business & leisure travelers who want a comfortable anti-pickpocketing belt suitable for casual wear
  • Adventure travelers who are visiting a country or city with high rates of property crime
  • Security-conscious travelers who want to prevent losses due to theft and want to be able to quickly replace stolen passports and IDs

The Travel Security Belt is not the right choice for you if you want more space or need to carry passports for a larger party of travelers like your family. If you need more room to carry IDs, cards, cash, and other personal items, you should go with the Family Passport Holder.

This is also not the best accessory for someone who wants a wallet that can also carry a smartphone. The Money Belt or Neck Wallet would be better selections for that purpose. Both of those products can be hidden under your shirt for added security.

If you want to take minimalism to the next level, you should get the Phone Wallet, which is an adhesive RFID-blocking wallet that sticks to your smartphone that holds up to three credit cards.

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