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Trip Assurance

In order to activate Trip Assurance for your upcoming trip, simply notify us of your travel plans before your trip begins.

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ReturnMe™ Decals - Premium Global Recovery Service

Don’t Forget to Activate Your ReturnMe™ Global Recovery Service Decals!

To use your Premium Global Recovery Service Decals, you must activate each Personalized ID# at This is a separate activation and the tags will not work until activated.

These recovery decals are a tremendous value and work great on all your mobile travel devices including cameras, cell phones, laptops, e-readers and important travel documents like passports.

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Your Experience Matters to Us!

As a small, family run business, we need reviews to help our business grow.

If you love your new product, it would be a huge help if you could leave us a review on Amazon. Every single review helps us grow!

If for any reason, we haven’t earned your 5-star review, please let us know before leaving a review and we will do what takes to make it right! - Our customers are our #1 Priority and we LOVE hearing from you. :)

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Need Travel Insurance?

Zero Grid® does not provide travel insurance, however, our trusted travel insurance partner,, has you covered!


Zero Grid® VIP Product Testing Group

For a limited time, we're now offering a limited number of Zero Grid® customers the opportunity to join our VIP Product Testing Group.

Whenever new products are being considered for launch in the future, we'll reach out to VIP Product Testing Group members with special offers to be the first to test them out! The feedback we receive for these new products, prior to launch is absolutely invaluable to us!

Communications for this VIP testing group take place primarily through Amazon Messenger.

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