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Travel Toiletry Bag

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  • Space for EverythingEXPANDED SPACE
  • Secure StorageSECURE STORAGE
  • Zippered CompartmentZIPPERED COMPARTMENT

  • Inner zipper pocket
  • to keep your grooming supplies and toiletries organized
  • Water resistant for easy cleaning and shower use
  • Multiple elastic handles to make it convenient to carry, hang, and attach
  • Durable ripstop nylon material on the inside and outside rated at 420D
  • Compact design to simplify packing when you travel
  • Prevents stains and spills on your clothing & valuables
  • YKK zippers that don’t break or get stuck
  • TSA approved to bring with you as a carry-on
  • Machine washable for ease of care
  • Lightweight and versatile so you can take it with you on the go
  • Extremely durable for long-term use: will not fade, tear, or become discolored
  • 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee so that you can buy with confidence
"The toiletry bag is simple and does the job. It has a pretty ideal size – it is not too big or small. The wide zipper allows electronic toothbrushes and long objects inside it, which always helps!”
- Jake Fishman
The Goldfish Escapades

Finally, there’s a toiletry bag for frequent travelers.

The PackLite™ Toiletry Bag is quick to pack and organize.

Most toiletry bags are just ordinary sacks with a zipper. Have you ever ruined a toiletry kit because your shampoo bottle leaked? Many travelers have had that sticky and unpleasant experience.

The PackLite™ is easy to keep clean. It’s water resistant and machine-washable on a gentle cycle. It’s rugged enough for use as a shower bag or as a backpacking toiletry kit.

It’s also simple to organize with an interior zippered pocket that you can use to separate and access your smaller grooming products. The main compartment is roomy enough for essentials like your toothbrush, hairbrush, razor, comb, and shaving supplies.

Unlike toiletry bags made from leather, ours holds up to a lifetime of use. That’s why it comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

The four EZ-Grip elastic handles located on both sides and the bottom of the bag make it easy to carry with you and pack.

What are you waiting for? Order yours today.

The Bathroom Bag That Stays With You

Most toiletry kits don’t hold up for a simple reason: at some point in your travels, a cap inevitably loosens.

Shampoo leaks. Your shaving cream spills out onto your hairbrush.

The toothpaste squirts onto the teeth of your comb.

If you’re using the typical toiletry kit, that spill means that everything that you were carrying – including the suit pants you were wearing to your old college friend’s wedding – have been ruined.

Not so when you use the Zero Grid toiletry kit. It’s spill and stain resistant so that leaks stay in the bag rather than onto the rest of your luggage. Gels, powders, and liquids stay contained.

The motivation to design this bag came from multiple toiletry bag leaks. We didn’t want it to happen to us again. We don’t want it to happen to you again, either.

Leaks are inevitable, but ruined luggage isn’t.

How the PackLite™ Design Protects Your Toiletries

Most toiletry kits are just sacks that you fill with your grooming supplies. If they’re not stuffed to capacity, items shift around when you travel.

The Zero Grid Toiletry Bag has piping around the edges so that it maintains its shape even when it’s not completely full. That reduces how much things shift around inside your luggage.

It also makes it easier to find a place for it in your larger bags so that it won’t shift around. It also makes it more accessible, which is especially useful in tight quarters like when you’re flying coast-to- coast and need to get your toothbrush.

Because it retains its shape, it’s easier to just put it on the counter when you get to your hotel and access your grooming essentials directly from your kit.

Is the Zero Grid Travel Toiletry Bag Right for You?

We designed the Travel Toiletry Bag to be a constant companion for business travelers, leisure travelers, hikers, and backpackers. It has a refined minimalist appeal. The types of people who have enjoyed it range from members of the military to business travelers and hikers.

Many dopp kits and toiletry bags can be easily ruined by either water or spills. This toiletry bag does not have the ‘old-school’ appeal of a bag made from suede or leather, but it will hold up to much more real use.

The Travel Toiletry Kit is perfect for:

    • Frequent travelers, especially those who make many short trips
    • People with nice clothing who don’t want to ruin an outfit with a spill
    • Campers, hikers, and backpackers looking for a durable bathroom bag
    • People who take daily medication and need a great travel bag for it
    • Anyone who wants to feel fresh and look good on the go

The Travel Toiletry bag is relatively compact at just 9.8 inches by 5.5 by 5.5 inches. If you need more space, check out our compression packing cubes set.

It’s also not the best bag for general packing use because we designed it primarily for grooming products. Our travel electronics organizer has more interior pockets and straps to hold everything you might need to bring.

Finally, if the Zero Grid PackLite™ Toiletry Bag doesn’t live up to your expectations, return it to us for 100% of your money back.

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