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Microfiber Travel Towel Set

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Type: Equipment

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  • Anti-microbialANTI-MICROBIAL
  • Quick DryingQUICK DRYING
  • Extra Large SizeEXTRA LARGE SIZE
  • Carabiner ClipCARABINER CLIP
  • Breathable Mesh BagBREATHABLE MESH CASE

  • Soft microfiber material with a blend of 80% polyester and 20% nylon for faster drying speed and a soft, smooth feel
  • Quick drying fabric so you don’t have to wait days before you can pack it up or use it again
  • Compact to take up less space in your luggage
  • Antimicrobial fabric to prevent unpleasant odors
  • Full sized body towel provides full privacy when you exit the shower
  • Hand towel included for drying your face and hands
  • Simple to pack in the included breathable mesh bag made from water-resistant ripstop nylon
  • Weighs just 11.3 ounces total dry when packed in the compression bag
  • Versatile for use as a travel towel, gym towel, yoga towel, and camping towel
  • 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee so that you can buy with confidence
“Avid roadtripper? Make the microfiber towel set your next accessory! The two piece set consists of a hand and full body towel made of only the best microfiber technology, which allows for strong adhesion to water and a quick dry time. The two piece set also comes it with a portable towel bag so you will never loose them!”
- Jake Fishman
The Goldfish Escapades
“Packing a towel is clearly a necessity on any extended trip. The problem is they seem to take up half your bag. The micro-fiber travel towel set from Zero Grid does more than fix that problem. We have literally thrown out all of our regular towels after receiving these. They are unbelievably soft and dry 10x faster then your normal towel which helps when your on the move. No one likes to travel with a wet towel. The carrying case allows you to clip the set to the outside of your bag, taking up no space and weighing almost nothing. The smaller towel is perfect for washing your hands and face. We even use them in the gym. Honestly we couldn’t be happier.”
- Connor Callanan
“Great, great buy - the carrying case it comes with is handy and makes it an easy-packing companion. We took this to the beach every day, and its absorbency caused global sea levels to drop 7 centimeters No, but for real, two adults can use it to dry off completely, which is a BIG win over the things they call 'towels' around the world.”
- Andrew Mcdermott
A and A Take The World
“These towels are perfect for the traveler! They are super light weight and roll down to nothing so fitting it into your carry on for a cheeky weekend getaway is easy. They are super quick drying and actually big enough to use as a towel. These are a must if you travel to the beach!”
- Jenna Du Preez
The Well Travelled Man

Towels are a frequent stumbling block for travelers who want to cut down on their packing.

Cotton bath towels take up enormous amounts of space and take a long time to dry off. Most microfiber camping towels are quick-drying, but develop a musty odor after repeat use. Linen towels are hard to find and have an abrasive feel to them.

We designed the Zero Grid Travel Towel Set to take up 5x less space than a cotton towel, dry as quickly as a camping towel, and use antimicrobial fabric to reduce unpleasant odors.

This set includes a full-size bath towel, hand towel, and a free compression carrying case with carabiner clip.

The Golden Mean of Travel Towels

For people who really care about minimalist travel, towels can present a special challenge.

Many people have favorable first impressions of conventional quick-drying camping towels – until they use them for a week or two and they start to develop a distinctive sour odor.

Using conventional cotton bath towels often defeats the aim of packing light in the first place because they take up so much room and weigh so much.

Throwing caution to the wind and just using whatever towels you can find at your destination can turn into a disaster if the weather doesn’t go your way.

When we designed the Zero Grid Travel Towel, we wanted to solve this problem for travelers permanently. This polyester/nylon blend microfiber towel set also has an antimicrobial treatment on it that prevents bacteria from growing on the towel and producing unpleasant odors.

Many camping towels are also too small to be used as a real bath towel. Rather than give our customers something that would be bound to frustrate them, we wanted to develop a complete travel towel package at an affordable price.

The result is in front of you. Click ‘add to cart’ now to solve your towel packing problems permanently.

Every purchase comes backed with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee so that you can buy it with confidence.

A Versatile Quick-Drying Towel Set

The Zero Grid Travel Towel set is also a great choice for hikers, outdoor athletes, cyclists, and backpackers.

The included carrying case comes with a carabiner that you can use to attach to your camping backpack on the outside so that it can dry in the bag.

It’s also a great gym towel that you can bring to every workout even when you aren’t traveling. It can endure the salt of the ocean and exposure to the sand at the beach.

Some of our customers keep it in a storage compartment in their car as a compact emergency towel to keep on hand in their vehicle.

The high-quality microfiber also has a great soft feel to it. Use it to dry off sweat, after your showers, and more. While we didn’t design it for dishwashing, in a pinch, you can use the hand towel to dry off your dishes after you finish washing them.

The Travel Towel set holds up to repeat washing and our lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

Perfect for AirBnB Travelers, Hostel Guests, Couchsurfers, and Road Trippers

Hotels usually have clean towels ready for you. But other types of travel are becoming more popular, especially among younger people looking to plan more unconventional trips.

When you stay at an AirBnB, hostel, friend’s house, or in your car, you’re not always going to have access to a clean towel. Or the towels might be cheap, uncomfortable, or even dirty.

That is, unless you use a travel towel set like this one. When you pack the Zero Grid travel towel set, you’ll always have a dry towel ready to use. And that’s an important thing to bring with you so that you can be prepared for anything that your travels throw at you.

Made Possible By the Latest Generation of Microfiber Fabric

Using older generations of microfiber towels was often an unpleasant experience.

It felt more like ‘brushing’ water off of yourself than actually getting dry.

Further, many camping towels shipped without an antimicrobial treatment, which meant that they eventually began to stink unless they were immediately washed after each use.

The Zero Grid Travel Towel set takes advantage of newer advances in material design to bring you a towel that’s more comfortable to use, fast-drying, and compact. They also have the same sleek design as our other products and pack compactly in the provided travel bag.

Is the Zero Grid Travel Towel Set Right for You?

The Zero Grid Travel Towel Set was designed with the needs of serious travelers in mind.

We back it with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee so that you can purchase it with confidence.

This travel towel set is perfect for:

  • Minimalist travelers who want to cut down on how much they pack
  • AirBnB, hostel, and couchsurfing travelers who need a towel set they can bring with them
  • Campers and backpackers who want a great lightweight towel set that they can use on an extended trip
  • People who want an emergency car towel set that fits under a seat, in your trunk compartment, or behind the front seats
  • Swimmers and other athletes who want a towel set that won’t weigh them down

The travel towel set is not a complete shower travel kit. Our travel toiletry kit can hold the rest of your grooming or bathroom supplies while you travel.

If you need a more complete packing solution to help you to reduce how much you carry with you on your next trip, our premium Packing Cubes set makes that much easier.

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