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Compression Packing Cubes Set

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  • 3 CUBES & 1 BAG

  • Weighs just 12.3 ounces total so you can get organized without adding weight to your bag
  • Durable YKK zippers with paracord pulls so you can zip it closed effortlessly every time
  • Two small cubes and one large cube for versatile organization
  • Breathable mesh covers so your clothing stays fresh while you travel
  • Compact design that holds its shape to make it easier to organize in your suitcases
  • Combination laundry bag / shoe bag for added storage and value
  • Protects clothing from dirt, dust, & moisture even when you’re roughing it
  • Reinforced top handle to make it easy to carry and move around
  • Turns your suitcase into a dresser drawer so that fully unpacking becomes optional
  • 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee so that you can buy with confidence
"The Russian Dolls of travel cases, this set composed of four bags that range in size, but all fit within each other. This set has helped me organize all my travel supplies from electronics to important passport documents. Make life simple, organize, and don’t be the one ripping your suitcase apart trying to find your headphones!”
- Jake Fishman
The Goldfish Escapades
"We recently got the Compression Packing Cube set, and put them to use on our last road trip. We quickly realized how unorganized we have been on all of our past adventures. Keeping track of our camera gear is one of our biggest issues. Having a specific bag and a dedicated spot for it has made our lives so much easier. Living out of our van in general requires top notch organization, and since we both got our sets things have been flowing smoothly. The draw string bag also allows us to separate our dirty clothes and shoes until we reach our next camp. Quite simply we are able to carry and pack far more when we use the bags. They have made our travels and film work more enjoyable, and to top it off they give you style!”
- Connor Callanan
“We've used Eagle Creek, both the mesh line and the parachute line and the Zero Grid quality is MUCH better. Lightweight and thin like other products on the market, but these seem much more durable. Bonus points for the emergency paracord, just incase I need to tie up that annoying guy at the hostel so he stops inviting himself everywhere we go.”
- Andrew Mcdermott
A and A Take The World
“What a great idea! They make keeping your clothes seperate and sorted when travelling. I also actually use two of these products daily in my gym bag.. I use the small bag as my gym toiletries bag to keep everything sorted and I use the waterproof shoe bag to store my worn gym gear in until I get home in the evening so not only can you use these for travelling, but you can incorporate them into your day to day life!”
- Jenna Du Preez
The Well Travelled Man

Do you put off packing until the last minute?

Most people dread getting packed before a big trip. Getting unpacked can be so irritating that even some seasoned travelers just pull clothes straight from the bag until the trip is over. The Zero Grid PackLite™ Travel Organizer makes travel easier with three separate packing cubes and a combination laundry and shoe bag. You can fold and compress your clothes and other possessions in each breathable mesh cube to maximize your packing space and prevent creases. Unlike other travel organization sets, this product is made from durable and lightweight 420D ripstop nylon. The YKK zippers and paracord pulls make it both secure and durable for long term use. You can also use them as makeshift drawers so that you don’t need to fully unpack when you arrive at your destination. It keeps you organized so you can enjoy your next travel destination.

The Complete Travel Organization System

At Zero Grid, we make gear for travelers who want to stop lugging around clutter in their luggage.

The PackLite™ Packing Cubes make organizing your luggage easier than finishing a row in Tetris. You just fold your clothing into the travel cubes, put the cubes into your bag, and get going.

There’s more than enough space in the system to carry everything you need for a trip lasting for three days or longer. Buying two sets can keep an entire family organized on a big vacation. Cut down on the stress and craziness of separating outfits and clothes for multiple people.

Conventional packing cubes without a breathable surface can leave clothes smelling musty. Unlike most other travel cube organizers, the breathable mesh covers on our system keeps your clothes fresh.

More importantly, you can see through the mesh covers so you don’t need to open each one to see what’s inside of it. Many other travel cube systems have opaque covers, which makes it so you have to unzip a second set of bags to remember what you kept in them.

The Zero Grid PackLite™ system has windows that you can peek in to give you a quick reminder without needing to unzip them to check.

End Luggage Chaos Forever

Roller bags have become more popular as airports have become more chaotic and stressful.

We designed this set to fit perfectly in the typical carry-on bag. If you’re the type of traveler who hates to need to check a bag, this is the travel cube set that will help you to avoid over-packing.

The hard-case design of these bags makes it more important to use every cubic inch in your baggage effectively – especially if you’re planning to bring home some souvenirs with you.

The Zero Grid Packing Cubes set makes it so that you don’t have to plan what you’re going to pack in excruciating detail ahead of time to pack just like you would if you were the kind of person to plan out everything that you would pack ahead of time.

You can also use the packing cubes to separate outfits for different days and purposes to cut down on the complexity of travel.

Our Packing Cubes are the perfect gift for the person who can never get their luggage under control. When the cubes are full, they’re ready to put in the bags, and they take up a predictable amount of space.

Anyone can do it – even the habitual over-packer in your life.

Using our packing system also prevents loose items from tumbling around your bags. Everything stays where you remember packing it.

Durable and Reliable for Long-Term Use

There’s nothing more frustrating when you’re packing your luggage than when you get into a struggle with the zipper to get it closed.

The renowned Japanese zipper manufacturer YKK makes all of our zipper closures. YKK sets the standard for durability, reliability, and quality for zippers throughout the industry.

We use 420D ripstop nylon fabric for our travel cubes so that you don’t need to worry about rips, tears, discoloration, and other damage resulting from ordinary use. We built these to last long enough to hold up to a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

Effective for Multiple Packing Styles

Whether you like to pack your clothes using a military roll or to fold them up just like you would in a dresser drawer, the Zero Grid Packing Cubes can adapt to many different packing styles.

The adaptable bag that comes with the cubes can also be used to hold socks and underwear.

You can just flip the cubes over into your hotel dresser drawer when you unpack – or you can use them just like you would a dresser drawer so you don’t need to unpack and re-pack when you move on to your next destination.

The cubes can be repositioned and separated easily for smaller day trips. You can pair them with compression bags to fit even more into a smaller suitcase in less space.

Is the Zero Grid Travel Organizer Set Right for You?

The Zero Grid Travel Organizer Set was designed with the needs of serious travelers in mind.

The Packing Cubes are perfect for:

  • Travelers who want to fit everything in one carry-on bag to cut down on wasted time at baggage claim
  • Families who travel together who want to eliminate packing chaos
  • Business travelers looking for an organization system to reduce travel-related stress
  • Organization fanatics who want to stay as orderly on the go as they are at home

The packing cube system is not a great choice for people who need to organize their electronics and other personal computing devices. The travel electronics organizer is a better product to suit that need.
This set is also not well-suited to organizing toiletries and other small, delicate items. You may want to look at the travel toiletry kit instead for that.

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