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Welcome to the Zero Grid Travel Community.

This page shares some of the benefits of joining and how get the most out of your involvement. To start, here's a message from the founders of Zero Grid:

Welcome! Connecting with like-minded people can be really powerful, and we hope this community can be a way for you to share stories and resources, collaborate, and connect.

One of our goals is to inspire people to travel, and we really respect that you’re doing the same. Every day you’re giving people the courage to step outside their comfort zone and explore the unknown. By working together we hope to discover new ways to inspire others to travel, and build a brand that provides unique, unparalleled value to travelers.

Thanks for joining us in this journey. You motivate us to keep pushing our limits and chasing our dreams!

– Chris and ET

Zero Grid founders

ET and Chris hiking in Nepal

Start with the Welcome Form

It all begins here. If you haven't yet, please be sure to fill out the Welcome Form. This gives us the info we need to send you Zero Grid gear, add you to our private Facebook community, and get a feel for what you're most interested in.

Fill out the Welcome Form Now onto the benefits for you!

Below are just a few of the benefits of being part of the Zero Grid Community. We're really excited to connect with like-minded travelers like you. And we’re always open to new ideas for collaborations - so please send us a note anytime with suggestions and ideas!

Make money from affiliate sales

Our affiliate program is an easy win for anyone with a blog or social media following. Every time your readers makes a purchase from Zero Grid, you’ll get a direct 15% of that sale!

It’s as easy as setting up your affiliate account and using your unique links in any Zero Grid mentions on your blog or social media.

All of our products also sell very well on Amazon, allowing you to earn commissions through the Amazon Associates Program!

Become a Brand Ambassador

Exclusive discounts for your readers

We'll create custom discount code to give your readers 25% off any order at This is a great one-two combo if you're also part of our affiliate program.

Get your discount code

Network with other travel bloggers

Bloggers are always in "public mode", but even the best of us could use some support behind the scenes. Our invite-only Facebook community brings together a growing network of travel bloggers.

Get the word out about your blog, ask travel or technical questions about blogging, rant and rave about your travel experiences, and share resources. Fill out our Welcome Form to join the Zero Grid Travel community.

Join now

LOTS of travel gear!

We would love to send you a care package, free of charge! You'll also have a chance to get featured on our product pages. We'll ask for one or two quotes about our gear which we can add to our product pages. This will give your site visibility, and we'll link directly to your website or social media account.

As a seasoned traveler, we would also love to get your input on product R&D. If you're open to it, we may occasionally ask for input or ideas on products we're working on, or send you some gear for beta testing!

We'll also ask that you share about the gear with your followers in some way - such as sharing on social media, doing a product review, or mentioning our gear on your blog.

Here are a few examples of how other travelers have shared about Zero Grid:

Travel Gear Spotlight: Zero Grid Gift Guide: 46 Best Gifts For Travelers Gear Guide: Things to Pack When You Travel "Friends of" link Product mention embedded in a story Request some gear!

Increased Visibility

In addition to product testimonials, you can get increased visibility to a growing community of travelers through our blog, social media accounts, and email newsletter.

We regularly feature travel bloggers on the Zero Grid blog through guest posts, Q&A interviews, and roundups. It's a great way to generate link juice for your site, and we also share all blog posts(with links to contributors' social media profiles) with our social media followers and share blog posts with our email subscribers.

Check out our blog to see what kind of content others have contributed, and contact us below if you're interested in getting involved!

Get featured

Gear giveaways for your followers

Giveaways are a great way to increase your followers, build email subscribers, and engage your existing followers. Everyone loves free gear, and we bet your followers do too!

We'll provide you with a customized giveaway box which you can embed in a post or page on your site. The giveaway will encourage participants to share the contest via social and email, follow you on social media, follow us on social media, and enter their email address.

Each action participants take will give them another entry into the contest. And at the end of contest, we'll send the collected emails to you so you can add them to your mailing list.

We'll be promoting the giveaway on our social media channels too, so you'll get exposure to our people - who are probably similar to your target audience!

Hold a giveaway

Custom collaborations

We’re always open to new ideas for collaborating. If you have a promotion opportunity or know of a collaboration that has worked well for you in the past, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We want this partnership to be fruitful for both of us, and look forward to supporting you however we can.

Okay enough talk, now back to adventuring, everyone. We’re glad to have you on board and look forward to talking more soon!

Contact us

Questions? Ideas? Send us a note anytime: