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RFID Blocking Passport Holder & Travel Wallet

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  • Designed for the solo traveler looking to minimize baggage
  • Made from durable ripstop nylon that prevents rips, punctures, and tears
  • Flexible storage pockets to keep you organized easily
  • Lightweight & compact design for simple packing
  • Zipper closure to keep your travel documents & personal items secure
  • Integrated RFID blocking security layer to prevent identity theft and wireless pickpocketing
  • Free compact travel pen with a built-in stow-away slot
  • YKK zippers for top reliability even with long-term use
  • Holds 8+ credit cards, cash, and ID so you can use it as your primary travel wallet
  • Compact design that holds its shape for easy carrying in smaller bags and purses
  • 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee so that you can buy with confidence

This slim passport wallet is for minimalist travelers.

Our zipper-closed travel wallet holds 1 passport, 8+ credit cards, cash, and your boarding passes. It includes a compact stow-away travel pen for notes and your customs forms.

The durable YKK zipper won’t get stuck or broken.

This compact and durable wallet made from ripstop nylon keeps your essentials secure and in place. We designed it for stress-free international travel. Buy it now and take it with you on your next flight.

The Security Passport Holder That Protects You from Identity Theft

Did you know that all US passports issued since 2006 can be scanned using the embedded RFID chips?

That convenient feature makes international travel less stressful. The lines go faster. In some airports, you can even get through customs without taking your passport out.

That convenience comes with a price: it makes you more vulnerable to identity theft. Thieves equipped with inexpensive scanners can get a copy of your information, your birthplace, and more.

Matched with commonly available information, hackers can use that stolen data to open up bank accounts or credit cards in your name, access your current accounts, and cause additional havoc.

Some US states also have RFID embedded driver ID cards, which adds to the risk.

You can eliminate the danger of identity theft from wireless pickpocketing with the embedded TechSafe™ RFID blocking layer in our travel wallet.

Easy to Keep Neat & Organized

It’s easy to overstuff a conventional wallet with a billfold design.

Like George Costanza fooling himself into believing that he can fit one more slip of paper into his exploding wallet, a typical wallet design gives you just enough space to make things messy.

Our travel wallet helps you to get organized and stay organized with clearly defined pockets. The stretch pocket made for your cash and your boarding passes has enough ‘give’ in it to fit what you need.

The typical wallet is a ‘clutter magnet.’ We designed this travel wallet to be incredibly simple to keep neat.

The passport section is specially designed to hold and secure your ID while preventing it from getting damaged as you use it.

The water-resistant nylon fabric of the wallet keeps everything you have dry even if your water bottle leaks into your bag. It helps you to avoid creases and discoloration on your important travel documents.

The pockets for credit cards, membership cards, and driver IDs prevent wear and tear on the magnetic strips. We designed each to hold 4 cards per pocket comfortably.

Just Open It to Show Your Passport

Most passport covers and passport wallets are easy to lose track of in your bag. The Zero Grid passport wallet maintains its compact shape so it’s easy to keep in a jacket pocket or in your personal bag.

When you need to show your ID, you can just grab it from your bag, open it up, and then show your passport without removing it from the secure storage space. You don’t have to take the passport out to open it.

Because your passport can stay adjacent to your other personal items, it makes it much tougher to forget about it. The zippered design prevents credit cards and IDs from slipping out and becoming lost.

Durable for Long-Term Use

Many travel wallets made from fragile materials like leather or cheaper nylon can rip, become discolored, crease, or lose its shape – especially when exposed to water.

Why should you accept the risk of ruining your accessories if you happen to leave the cap on your water bottle loose?

We designed the Passport Holder to hold up to a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. The 420D ripstop nylon can endure a lot of punishment.

It’s also machine washable so that you don’t have to worry about ruining it after you spill authentic Italian gelato while reaching in your bag to pay your bill.

Just empty it out and wash it on a gentle cycle. It’ll be clean again and ready for your next trip.

Is the Zero Grid Passport Holder & Travel Wallet Right for You?

The Zero Grid Passport Holder was designed with the needs of serious travelers in mind.

The Passport Holder & Travel Wallet is perfect for:

  • International business & leisure travelers who need a compact and durable wallet
  • Backpackers and campers looking for a small travel wallet that’s easy to carry and withstands the elements
  • Security-conscious travelers concerned about identity theft
  • Organization fanatics who want a travel wallet that’s simple to put in order

The Passport Holder is not the right choice for you if you want more space or need to carry passports for a larger party of travelers like your family. If you need more room, you should go with the Family Passport Holder, which is a larger version of this model.

This is also not the best accessory for someone who wants a wallet that can also carry a smartphone. The Money Belt or Neck Wallet would be better selections for that purpose.

If you want to take minimalism to the next level, you should get the Phone Wallet, which is an adhesive RFID-blocking wallet that sticks to your smartphone that holds up to three credit cards.

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