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RFID Blocking Phone Wallet

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  • Secure StorageSECURE STORAGE
  • Anti-microbial FabricANTI-MICROBIAL
  • Universal FitUNIVERSAL FIT

  • Universal design that works on all major smartphone models with a flat back including the iPhone and most Android devices
  • Installation takes just seconds using the integrated 3M adhesive strip
  • Nearly weightless – no need to carry a bulky wallet in your pocket or purse
  • Ideal for lightweight urban travel so you can keep your pockets emptier and your mind at ease
  • Secures your cards so that they won’t fall out of the pockets even if you flip it over
  • Moisture-wicking antimicrobial fabric to keep it clean and dry
  • Embedded RFID blocking to prevent unauthorized scanning or forced transactions on your cards
  • Wireless security doesn’t impede data connectivity: unlike some security devices, this protects against RFID scanning without impacting phone connectivity
  • 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee so that you can buy with confidence
“The attachable phone is a great accessory for anyone who enjoys simplicity. This wallet, with a sticky adhesive back can fit onto any phone and attaches to most surfaces. I attached mine to my rubber phone case and it still is very strong! The flexible and thin back cover allows for multiple cards to fit within it, but also provides support if you just have one or two. Going to an event and don’t want to risk losing your whole wallet? Combine your phone and wallet into one and only take the essentials!”
- Jake Fishman
The Goldfish Escapades

There are a couple things that people absolutely need to bring with them when they leave the house: their smartphone and a couple credit cards.

Why not simplify your daily carry with the TechSafe™ Phone Wallet from Zero Grid?

You stick it on the back of your phone with the included 3M adhesive, and then it’s ready for use.

This credit card wallet has a built-in RFID blocking layer to prevent unauthorized scanning of your cards. This operates at a lower frequency than your phone and data signals, so it keeps you secure without interfering with your connection quality.

The water resistant Lycra pocket can fit multiple cards, your ID, transit card, and cash. You can also use the pouch for general storage – it’s perfect for earbuds, flash drives, SD cards, and other small accessories.

Best of all, the Phone Wallet comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. Buy it today with confidence.

Simplify Your Daily Carry

Technology is supposed to make life simpler.

And it can: if you think about it, to do most things in most cities, you don’t need much more than some credit cards and a smart phone.

With Apple Pay or Android Pay, you can even leave the cards at home and just bring a little cash and your ID.

Out of habit, though, most of us leave home with a bulkier wallet.

With the RFID Blocking Phone Wallet from Zero Grid, you can get up and get out with just your phone and not have to think about bringing anything else with you.

Integrated RFID Blocking Layer

Many credit cards and debit cards include an RFID chip for easy scannable payments. In some states, there are also driver ID chips that enable people to verify your identity with a quick scan.

The added convenience also creates some added risks: criminals can also place unauthorized charges on your cards and steal your identity using inexpensive electronic pickpocketing equipment that can be concealed in any bag.

Fortunately, you don’t need a full-sized RFID blocking wallet to reduce that risk: you can just use our RFID blocking phone wallet instead.

The TechSafe™ security layer only blocks scanning signals at lower frequencies. The frequencies used by your phone and data connection won’t be impacted at all by using this adhesive cell phone wallet. You can keep texting, calling, surfing the web, checking maps, and using social media while using this convenient security wallet.

If you only have a few credit or debit cards and IDs that can be scanned with RFID, you can use this accessory to store those cards while continuing to use your favorite wallet.

The Perfect Accessory for Minimalist Travel

When planning an extended trip, figuring out how you’ll carry everything can put a crimp in your plans. Saving space at a time when airlines are squeezing every nickel that they can out of you is critical.

You can minimize how much clutter you keep with you by using this convenient phone wallet. In combination with other minimalist Zero Grid travel products, you can focus more on your next exciting trip and less on what you need to carry with you to enjoy it.

We make products for people who want to get more out of their travel – for people who care more about experiences than they do about objects.

This phone wallet can get you out of your hotel room carrying nothing but your phone. If you’ve ever wasted hours of your vacation trying to figure out what to bring with you, this wallet could eliminate that source of hesitation for you.

Is the Zero Grid Phone Wallet Right for You?

We made the phone wallet to get the most function out of the least space using the highest quality materials we could find at an affordable price.

Unlike other adhesive phone wallets, ours also has an integrated RFID blocking security layer using proprietary technology.

We back the Phone Wallet with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with it for any reason, contact us for your full refund.

The Phone Wallet is perfect for:

  • Hyper-connected travelers who just need a phone when they leave the door
  • Business people and technology workers looking for a handy accessory with security features
  • Parents looking for a great gift for a child or other relative who is always connected
  • Urbanites who want a stylish way to simplify their daily carry
  • Minimalist travelers who don’t want to be tied down by bulkier wallets

The phone wallet might not be the best choice for you as a primary wallet if you need to carry a passport with you or like to bring other accessories as well. You may want to consider the RFID blocking money belt or the neck wallet instead.

If you were looking for a larger case for your phone or other technology, you should check out the Zero Grid Electronics Travel Case.

You should also consider the passport holder if you need more storage and organization space in your travel wallet.

Finally, if the Zero Grid TechSafe™ Phone Wallet doesn’t live up to your expectations, return it to us for 100% of your money back.

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