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Electronics Travel Organizer & Tech Dopp

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  • Water RepellantWATER RESISTANT

  • Made from 420D ripstop nylon for long-term durability
  • Webbed handle included for portability
  • YKK zippers and paracord zipper pulls for reliability and ease of use
  • Keeps accessories organized without using cumbersome cable ties
  • Multiple pockets prevent you from losing track of anything important
  • Lightly padded for protection to prevent damage to your valuable accessories
  • Zippered divider pocket for added storage space and organization
  • Multiple reinforced elastic straps for flexible accessory storage
  • Weighs just 6.3 ounces so you can fit it easily in your carry-on bag
  • TSA approved and compliant for quick passage through security
  • 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee so that you can buy with confidence

Keep all your electronic accessories in one easily organized carrying case.

The Zero Grid TravelTech™ carrying case comes equipped with multiple inner elastic straps, many compartments, a zippered center pocket, and a top handle for increased portability.

It prevents scratched screens and tangled cords without using complicated cable ties.

It’s an indispensable case for photographers, e-reader owners, business travelers, and anyone who never leaves home without a few gadgets.

The carrying case holds devices, cameras, SD cards, cords, cables, and more. The dual-reinforced elastic straps inside are flexible so that you can store oddly shaped accessories like laptop chargers or tripods without tangling anything.

Stop Tech Tangles Before They Start

Technology has made it easier to travel, communicate, and get information about our destinations.

The knowledge that used to be caught up in books is easily accessible for free from any mobile device. E-readers like the Amazon Kindle make it easy to carry an entire library of digitized books in your pocket. Anyone can carry an entire music collection in the same space as a smartphone.

Camera equipment that used to fill an entire suitcase can now be condensed into a few small accessories. Compact earbuds can output the same quality of sound as some models of high quality headphones.

What has become more complicated is keeping all those cords and cables organized and untangled. Just picking a pocket in your backpack or purse to stash your cables in often leads to a tangled and ugly mess.

The Zero Grid Electronics Travel Case is a flexible storage solution that can keep your entire tech arsenal organized. We designed the elastic straps to work with a wide variety of devices and accessories.

It’s also adaptable for multiple situations – whether you’re going camping in the mountains, shooting a bunch of photos of a beautiful natural monument, or making the keynote speech at a business conference – the Zero Grid Electronics Travel Case has you covered.

No More Cracked Screens or Tangled Cords

Opening your bag to reveal a device with a cracked screen is one of the more troubling experiences that a modern traveler can go through.

Cracking a screen on a smartphone, e-reader, mini-tablet, or other device can be surprisingly easy – especially when you just toss it in a bag pocket and hope for the best.

If you have multiple cords and cables that you bring with you, it’s also irritating to have to wind and unwind them each time you unpack.

The Zero Grid travel electronics organizer makes it easy to pack up your cords without using cable ties or other devices. The flexible elastic straps can hold your cords in bundles to make it easy to keep track of them.

You can also keep all your accessories and cords for each of your personal devices separated using the multiple straps and pockets.

The case is also a convenient place to keep all your cords so you won’t forget or lose them. It’s small enough to fit into any personal bag, but too large to leave behind someplace.

Resistant to Shakes, Drops, and Spills

The TravelTech™ electronics organizer isn’t waterproof.

Swimming with it in the ocean or dunking it in a pot of hot coffee aren’t good ideas.

But the light padding and water resistant nylon fabric do protect your accessories from most routine drops, bumps, and spills that travelers can encounter.

The design of the interior pockets also keeps each device slightly separated so that bangs and scrapes won’t cause your fragile accessories to clatter around the bag bumping into each other. The elastic straps and the interior zippered pocket keep items secure and separated to minimize impact.

When used in conjunction with other Zero Grid travel products, it’s one of the more effective accessories to bring with you.

Flexible for Multiple Purposes

Although we designed the TravelTech™ to make travel simpler, many of our customers use it in situations as varied as:

  • A desk organizer
  • A digital camera bag for the device and all accessories
  • Organizer for small automotive accessories
  • Holder for multiple flash drives and USB attachment devices
  • Storage kit for spare laptop, smartphone batteries, and other accessories
  • A storage kit for all types of small professional tools
  • A storage kit for music accessories
  • …and more

Many people who start using this carrying case feel like it was something that they always needed, but had no idea existed.

If you have ever felt frustrated when you couldn’t find your charger, this carrying case will help you keep track of it for the rest of your life.

Is the Zero Grid Electronics Travel Case Right for You?

The Zero Grid Travel Electronics Travel Case was designed with the needs of serious travelers in mind.

We back it with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee so that you can purchase it with confidence.

This electronics organizer is perfect for:

  • Techies who need to keep a handle on their entire arsenal of gadgets
  • Business travelers who need to keep all their devices together and in order on the go
  • Photographers who want to keep their equipment and accessories organized, secure, and safe from damage
  • IT professionals looking for a great kit for holding networking equipment, electronics tools, and more
  • Organization fanatics who hate seeing anything tangled or messy
  • Families who are carrying accessories for multiple people and multiple devices

The TravelTech™ Electronics Travel Kit is primarily for devices, cords, and accessories. It’s not a great general purpose organizer. Our Packing Cubes set is a better travel organizer for the rest of your luggage.

This travel case is also not well-suited to organizing toiletries and other items containing liquids. You may want to look at the travel toiletry kit instead if you need something that can do that well.

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