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Compact Travel Umbrella with Flashlight

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Type: Equipment

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  • WaterproofWATERPROOF
  • Quick DryingQUICK-DRY CASE
  • Automatic OpenAUTOMATIC OPEN
  • 8 Rib SupportEIGHT RIB SUPPORT
  • Lightweight and compact so you never need to go out without your umbrella
  • Included water-resistant travel case that protects the rest of your bag from the wet umbrella
  • Integrated super-bright LED flashlight so darkness doesn’t have to stop you
  • Great as an emergency umbrella that you keep in your car
  • Wind resistant at speeds up to 55 mph so you don’t have to worry about it going inside out
  • Rated at UV50+ for sun protection so you can use it as portable shade during a heat wave
  • Frame constructed from steel and fiberglass for maximum durability
  • Comes with carabiner clip and carrying loop so you can attach it to anything like your backpack or your belt
  • Batteries included
  • 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee so that you can buy with confidence
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A and A Take The World

There’s nothing that can ruin a trip faster than dark clouds rolling in and a downpour starting.

Be ready for anything with the Zero Grid Travel Umbrella. It collapses down to a size no larger than the typical forearm and comes with a free quick-dry carrying case.

Bring it with you in your shoulder bag or backpack when you travel.

The rubber no-slip handle is also non-conducting to protect you from lightning during thunder storms.

Unlike most other travel umbrellas, ours comes with an integrated LED flashlight handle. It’s the perfect umbrella for travelers, hikers, and campers who want to be prepared for anything.

The Travel Umbrella You Can Keep With You

Many compact umbrellas have a ‘cheap’ feel to them. That’s because they’re made from cheap materials and aren’t designed to last more than one or two rainstorms.

It’s always unpleasant to be caught in a downpour and to be left at the mercy of opportunistic street vendors who will charge you an arm and a leg in return for a flimsy umbrella that will fall apart in minutes.

We designed our travel umbrella to be so compact that you’d never have a reason to leave it behind. It can fit in almost any bag when collapsed.

It’s also made out of premium materials: steel and fiberglass. The rubberized anti-slip handle stays in your hand even during wet conditions. It’s also treated to be non-conducting so you don’t need to worry about a lightning strike putting you in the hospital.

The LED flashlight we integrated into the handle can even be used while you walk with the umbrella extended. It’s perfect for lighting up the night even during a thunderstorm.

Versatile for Multiple Situations

Many umbrellas fit in the categories of ‘functional’ or ‘fashionable.’ The functional umbrellas just do the job, while the fashionable ones are more intended to be accessories.

The Zero Grid Compact Travel Umbrella is made from high-quality materials and maintains its shape when you use it over the long term.

We made it at a high enough quality to live up to our lifetime satisfaction guarantee so that you can purchase it with confidence.

This is a great umbrella for hikers, campers, and backpackers who can get stuck outside in the dark in unpredictable weather. Rather than stumbling down a mountainside trying to find the trail while the rocks are slippery, you can just pull out your flashlight umbrella to both keep you dry and light the path ahead.

It’s also compact enough to bring with you in urban situations without making room in a bulky backpack for a separate flashlight. The included carrying case makes it easy to either slip into your personal bag or attach it to another bag when it’s wet.

Minimalist Travel Doesn’t Need to Mean ‘Soggy Traveler’

Minimalist travel usually means going on a trip without taking a lot of luggage with you.

In some cases, that can mean discovering that you need to buy things like umbrellas at your destination when the weather is anything less than perfect.

Using our travel umbrella, you can prepare for the unpredictable without devoting much more weight and space to a full-sized umbrella. Because it’s durable enough to hold up to a lifetime guarantee, you also don’t have to worry about it falling apart at the worst possible time.

The Perfect Emergency Umbrella

Just picture it: your car has broken down on a rural road during a thunderstorm.

And your phone is out of batteries. Many drivers don’t prepare with a full emergency kit in their car.

Some of our customers who have been especially enthusiastic about our Travel Umbrella use it as an important item in their car emergency kit. It fulfills two purposes well: it keeps you dry and it provides an integrated LED flashlight that can pierce the darkness of even the stormiest conditions.

Is the Zero Grid Compact Travel Umbrella Right for You?

The Zero Grid travel umbrella was designed with the needs of serious travelers in mind.

We back it with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee so that you can purchase it with confidence.

This travel umbrella is perfect for:

  • Minimalist travelers who want to stay dry in the rain without carrying a full sized umbrella
  • Value shoppers who want to buy a reliable umbrella once and not multiple times
  • Office workers who want to keep a durable umbrella on-hand at work in case of a rainstorm
  • Campers and backpackers who want a convenient umbrella that also has a powerful flashlight integrated into the handle
  • Car owners who want to keep a useful emergency item on hand
  • Home owners who want to add to their storm prep kit

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